When you hire a professional photographer, the first real photographic interaction is usually an engagement session.

I am a big believer in the engagement session with the same photographer that will photograph your wedding.   Some photography studios are big and have multiple photographers – this is good and bad – good that you have a selection. Bad that you usually don’t have final say in who actually photographs your wedding.

Adams Photography has one main photographer – Andrew Adams (me!) – My business is managed so that I can provide the personal service, photography, and design that  my clients  expect and deserve.

It is beneficial to both client and photographer to have this session to both create some great portraits and as an icebreaker to the photographic process with your photographer.  Even if you have already had some engagement photos, or you are obligated to let an aspiring family member take some photos – no harm will come to you (I promise!) if you do another session with your hired professional (and you might just be very happy you did!).

Over many years of photographing many clients, I have learned that the best results come to those who prepare in advance, and have FUN diring the session.

The “dos and don’ts” of engagement photography for couples:

  • do:  Plan a couple outfit combinations for both of you – lay the selections out together on the sofa and make sure they are pleasing together as well as flattering to each of you separately.
  • don’t : Choose outfits that are overly busy in pattern, too trendy, too tight, too loose, or too loud!
  • do: Ladies wear makeup that is equivalent to what you wear on a nice dinner date. Good eye-liner/mascara if you wear them are good to accent your eyes.
  • don’t : Wear too much makeup, or end up looking too different than normal dress-up/party makeup.
  • do: Get any haircuts a few days in advance, and guys – shave early in the day.
  • don’t: Buy brand new clothes and wear them for the first time at the session.  We don’t want hard wrinkles, and any fit surprises.
  • do: Keep in mind your shoes and how his/hers go together.
  • don’t: Wear lipstick that will spread to his lips if you kiss in the photo session.
  • do: Remember to bring/use hairspray if your hairstyle needs it in the sometimes humid and windy weather.
  • don’t: Be nervous and stiff during the photoshoot – if you have fun, the images will show it!
  • do: Bring water and towels if it is a hot time of year (most of the year in Houston!)


More to come….


Andrew Adams

Kemah Boardwalk engagement session
Kemah Boardwalk engagement session


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