It was a beautiful Sunday morning in downtown Houston, with a light crisp breeze and steady sunshine. A perfect day for a photo session!

Tara & Chad are to be married on May 5, 2012 – already a festive date – I am sure no one will forget the anniversary!

I met up with Tara & Chad and their entourage around 10:45am near the Wortham Center. After a brief discussion on locations and wardrobe, we were quickly into the e-session. We worked around some Sunday morning groups which included a large class of students learning to climb, jump and land (complete with many types of tucks and rolls) off of city structures!

Tara and Chad were up to the challenge, and quickly got into the session. With hair & wardrobe adjustments and tweaks (thanks Moms!) the great images started to flow – and before you know it we were all done with the photography.

Back at the studio, I downloaded all the raw images into the raid storage server, and started editing in Adobe Lightroom(tm). When you have a lot of images to edit it can take a lot of time to go through and scrutinize them all for expression, sharpness, background, color, density etc. This is the behind the scenes work that the clients seldom see (but they do appreciate the results!)

Since their engagement party is coming up in less than a week, I had to finish the online gallery ASAP so they can pick photos for enlargements at their party.

Below are a few of my unretouched favorites – I will update with some of their retouched choices later this week…

Best, Andy

Sometimes a man needs to wait for his woman...


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