Brandi & Keith – Wedding Day

February 18th, 2012


It was quite an incredible Wedding!¬† I am going to just post these photo collages and let them do the talking ūüôā



The Church service at St. Lukes’s Methodist was very moving and beautiful!



The Courtyard @ Saint James did a wonderful job with the reception!




Keith & Brandi’s Rehearsal Dinner -Smith & Wollensky


I arrived to an already bustling party right in the affluent Highland Village area at the awesome iconic green & white steakhouse РSmith & Wollensky ( http://www.smithandwollensky.com/sw-houston )

After my vehicle was valet parked, I gathered all my camera’s and gear and headed upstairs to the “patio” room.¬† Right away, the ambience was spectacular – with panaromic picture windows showing an unobstructed view of the beautiful lights and night scene around Highland Village.

It was a warm and pleasant night, especially for the month of February, and I was eager to capture the event and document some great memories for the couple and their friends and family!






Keith and his parents and everyone involved did a wonderful job  organizing and throwing a wonderful rehearsal dinner.   The wait staff and the private events manager Alia Abdallah were always ready with whatever was needed to insure a wonderful evening for all the guests!



All of the attention to detail in the decorations and the setups and even the menu helped make the event both classy and beautiful.

Both the presentation, and the food itself were exquisite!



Now to get ready for the Wedding Day!



Andrew Adams
















Tara & Chad e-session

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in downtown Houston, with a light crisp breeze and steady sunshine. A perfect day for a photo session!

Tara & Chad are to be married on May 5, 2012 – already a festive date – I am sure no one will forget the anniversary!

I met up with Tara & Chad and their entourage around 10:45am near the Wortham Center. After a brief discussion on locations and wardrobe, we were quickly into the e-session. We worked around some Sunday morning groups which included a large class of students learning to climb, jump and land (complete with many types of tucks and rolls) off of city structures!

Tara and Chad were up to the challenge, and quickly got into the session. With hair & wardrobe adjustments and tweaks (thanks Moms!) the great images started to flow – and before you know it we were all done with the photography.

Back at the studio, I downloaded all the raw images into the raid storage server, and started editing in Adobe Lightroom(tm). When you have a lot of images to edit it can take a lot of time to go through and scrutinize them all for expression, sharpness, background, color, density etc. This is the behind the scenes work that the clients seldom see (but they do appreciate the results!)

Since their engagement party is coming up in less than a week, I had to finish the online gallery ASAP so they can pick photos for enlargements at their party.

Below are a few of my unretouched favorites – I will update with some of their retouched choices later this week…

Best, Andy

Sometimes a man needs to wait for his woman...



Engagement Photos

When you hire a professional photographer, the first real photographic interaction is usually an engagement session.

I am a big believer in the engagement session with the same photographer that will photograph your wedding.¬†¬† Some photography studios are big and have multiple photographers – this is good and bad – good that you have a selection. Bad that you usually don’t have final say in who actually photographs your wedding.

Adams Photography has one main photographer РAndrew Adams (me!) РMy business is managed so that I can provide the personal service, photography, and design that  my clients  expect and deserve.

It is beneficial to both client and photographer to have this session to both create some great portraits and as an icebreaker to the photographic process with your photographer.  Even if you have already had some engagement photos, or you are obligated to let an aspiring family member take some photos Рno harm will come to you (I promise!) if you do another session with your hired professional (and you might just be very happy you did!).

Over many years of photographing many clients, I have learned that the best results come to those who prepare in advance, and have FUN diring the session.

The “dos and don’ts” of engagement photography for couples:

  • do:¬† Plan a couple outfit combinations for both of you – lay the selections out together on the sofa and make sure they are pleasing together as well as flattering to each of you separately.
  • don’t : Choose outfits that are overly busy in pattern, too trendy, too tight, too loose, or too loud!
  • do: Ladies wear makeup that is equivalent to what you wear on a nice dinner date. Good eye-liner/mascara if you wear them are good to accent your eyes.
  • don’t : Wear too much makeup, or end up looking too different than normal dress-up/party makeup.
  • do: Get any haircuts a few days in advance, and guys – shave early in the day.
  • don’t: Buy brand new clothes and wear them for the first time at the session.¬† We don’t want hard wrinkles, and any fit surprises.
  • do: Keep in mind your shoes and how his/hers go together.
  • don’t: Wear lipstick that will spread to his lips if you kiss in the photo session.
  • do: Remember to bring/use hairspray if your hairstyle needs it in the sometimes humid and windy weather.
  • don’t: Be nervous and stiff during the photoshoot – if you have fun, the images will show it!
  • do: Bring water and towels if it is a¬†hot time of year (most of the year in Houston!)


More to come….


Andrew Adams

Kemah Boardwalk engagement session
Kemah Boardwalk engagement session



Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new 2012 website for Adams Photography!

My name is Andrew Adams.  I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years.  While earning my Engineering degree from UW-Madison, I started working for a hi-end studio in the Milwaukee area.  I learned a lot from my experience working upscale weddings, and the knowledge gained altered the course of my career.  Instead of going directly into an engineering job, I started a very successful photography business in northern WI (near Green Bay).

Before making the move to Houston in 2001, I was photographing close to 200 senior graduates a year and many weddings from my victorian home-studio.

Believe it or not, my wife and I moved to Houston mainly for the climate ūüėȬ†One April morning, my wife Jeannine and I looked at each other and both had the same yearning to move to a great¬†city with a warmer climate…¬† Houston, TX !

Our son attends a great school in Cy-Fair.  My wife Jeannine is a very successful string teacher in Cy-Fair ISD (in fact her orchestra was ranked in the top 7 for ALL of Texas in 2011).

I will be adding more blogs and info as I get used to sharing my thoughts on the wordpress based site, so Enjoy!